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Rock n' Roll is here to stay. This page is more "commercial" rock than heavy stuff.

All samples are 128-192 kb stereo mp3 files

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Diet of Worms

"The Aquarius"

The song "TheNext Hit" was taken from the CD The Aquarius which was recorded at Arythmia Audio by Punchy and Divine and mastered by Punchy at D.O.W. in 2000.

The Next Hit


Song writer and soon to be pop legend, the Spaceking's songs truly come from the heart. Ryan (Spaceking vox) came to us with lyrics and a guitar. We (DOW Studios) filled in the blanks on arrangements, backing vocals, drums, and keyboards.
Are you standing?

Ryan Cosmonaught

This sentimental solo project from Ryan. This track is a perfect example of good song writing. Punchy lays drums, bass, keys, and backing harmonies for this track. "Lucky" has a feeling like it was taken straight out of a "John Hughes/80's" film.



no cover

Anything Wrong

Great rock radio hits come out of these guys from the Tampa scene. This is the first demo done for this band and soon to make more.

On My Own

no cover

Westshore 2005

Repeat business is something I hold in very high regard. D.O.W. Studios has been doing all the studio work for this talented band since 2003. Zach, the singer for this band has recently been accepted to the Juliard Film and Television School in NYC. D.O.W. Studios wishes him the best luck and we'll see you in the movies. Here's a sample of the demo he did here the day before he moved to New York.


Imagery by Default

no cover
Westshore 2004

A group of very young, talented songwriters from Florida. Still in high school, this band has great potential in the "indie rock" world. Go see them live in NYC while you can still see them in clubs.

no cover


This hard rockin' duo is ready to take on the music as well as the issues with this song. No drummer available so Punchy filled in on drums.

2001 Shutdown


The band Genitorturers has a been a staple in the "shock rock" scene for well over ten years. They have toured all over the world and have released numerous records. When it came time to master their new EP "Flesh is the Law" they turned to D.O.W Studios.
Public Enemy Number One

no cover
The Troy Montgomery Project

Song writer Troy Montgomery asked us to provide not only a studio to record his ideas but our musicianship here as well. We provided him access to a professional drummer, guitarist, and vocalist to make his ideas come to life.
Under the Gun
Electric Version

Under the Gun
Acoustic version
no cover

Band of extremely talented teens from St. Petersburg, FL. Modern angry pop-rock with female vocals. The Tampa scene misses this young 5 piece. Conquest shows a more mellow side of this "Dyfunked" band ;).

no cover

Jon Oliva Band

Matt LaPorte
Solo Project-No Title

Instrumental genius. Matt's incredible guitar playing rivals any of the "gunslingers" of today. Matt , formerly of Cirlcle to Circle, can be seen performing as the lead guitarist for the Jon Oliva Band. This piece has pretty tones and moving guitar work. Session drumming done by Divine.
Crying's over

no cover
"Play that Funky Music" Demo

An "A-circuit" band needs a good demo to get bookings in nightclubs. If you can't play and kick booty....nobody will drink alcohol....When this band plays people get down....This features guitar styling's of Matt Laporte who also has a sample on this page.

Play that funky music white boy