D.O.W. Studios

Death Metal Artist Showcase

Some call it "Extreme Metal" or "Black Metal."

Death Metal is what I have always called it and unlike other studios, Death Metal can call D.O.W. Studios "home."


All samples are 128-192 kb stereo mp3 files

Artists names Samples

Morbid Angel

After 8 years, Morbid Angel decides to do a record and they came here. Drums were recorded at Mana Studios and RedRoom Studios. All guitars, bass, and vocals were recorded here. The album was mixed by Sean Beaven at his studio in Los Angeles.

2011 Season of Mist Records


Existo Vulgore

Apocalypse Command

Gene Palubicki from Angel Corpse came here with his trusty Roland recorder and said..mix this. ALL performances by Gene on this.

2007 Invuctus Productions Records


Lust Vengeance Death

Morbid Angel

Earache Records

Worldwide release September 2003. Produced by Morbid Angel and co-produced, engineered, and mastered by Punchy here at D.O.W. This album takes the band to a new level of songwriting and musicianship. Death metal fans everywhere need to own this record.


The Fallen Behind Me


Click here to see the interview Fuse TV did here at D.O.W. with Morbid Angel

Lover of Sin
"Christian Death presents Lover of Sin"
Candlelight Records

Released worldwide October 2002. Lover of Sin is the solo project of bassist/vocalist Maitri of legendary band Christian Death. Produced by Valor (guitarist/vocalist Christian Death). Not for the faint of heart. This track is pure rage and anger. Guitars were played by Punchy with guest vocals by Damond Jiniya......be afraid.....be very afraid....




Made up of the Blastmasters lineup of 2005 and Kelly of Pessimist fame, Diabolic returned at the end of 2006 to create this 3-song force of destruction...turn it up!!


Devour the Subconcious


"Twisted Metal" Available Worldwide Fall 2005

Former members of Unholy Ghost and Evixion team up with two new guitarists to form the newest onslaught to rip into the Death Metal Community. Album art being finished now and release dates are soon. Check the band's official website for more details.


Artricial Metagenesis

Unholy Ghost

"Torrential Reign" Available worldwide April 20, 2004 Century Media Records

Unholy Ghost is the newest record from the former members of Diabolic and Pessimist. Real down-home Florida death metal and none of the filler. This album is a sure-fire way to anger parents and teachers all over the world.


Calling of Sin

"Vengeance Ascending"
Olympic/Century Media Records 2001

This smash death metal record debuted at number one on the CMJ music metal charts. The CD was recorded by Punchy and Divine and mastered by Punchy here at D.O.W in an intense two week session and is a shining example of the future of death metal.


Possess the Strength

"Subterranial Magnitude"
Conquest Records 2000

Diabolic, one of the leaders of the new front of death metal, asked Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez to bring his expertise to the recording of their new record. Subterranial Magnitude was recorded at Greenhouse FX studios and mastered at D.O.W Studios.


Subterranial Magnitude

no cover
8th Sin

From the nethermost reaches of Odessa, FL comes 8TH SIN. Authentic Scandanavian Death Metal created in one of the warmest places on planet Earth.


Will to Sin

Osmose Records 2001

Is one of the most brutal death metal bands you will ever hear. Their incredibly fast and constantly changing rhythms provided a challenge to D.O.W Studios. The initial tracks were recorded by Punchy in Queretaro, Mexico. Then they were brought back to the United States to be mixed and mastered by Punchy and Divine at D.O.W.


Storming Horror

Cystic Dysentary

When you think of Jacksonville, Florida.....you don't think of sick, evil, twisted death metal. Well think again...



no cover

This band represents the newest crop of death metal to emerge from...........Gainesville...do not let the party hardy college town fool you....there are some sick people living in the greater Gainesville area. 4 of them showed up here to lay down some death metal. To be played loudly....if your wimpy system can handle it.