D.O.W. Studios Inputs Options

D.O.W. Studios has the inputs and synths to handle any project.

Using 3 AVID ProTools HD interfaces for a total of 32 inputs and 18 outputs of 24bit / 96khz audio, the PT rig is ready to meet all your input challenges. There is also a seperate PC-Cubase based system that has its own 8 in 8 out for audio and synchronizes seamlessly to the PT system. They will actually cross sync for the ability of using software that is only PC based or vice versa.

Along with the
Midas TR04 console, there are also 16 channels of Focusrite Preamps as well. The combination of this MIDAS and PTHD system can easily do a 16 channel summing mix with just a few patches. This makes your recording and mixing in the digital world feel very ANALOG to the end listener.

Midi is easily accessible and usable with MOTU, EMU, Roland, and Alesis synths and a 15 year collection of software synths in house.