D.O.W. Studios

Rock/Heavy Metal Artist Showcase

Metal will always live on...need I say more...the passion I have for Metal...is inconceivable.

All samples are 128 kb stereo mp3 files

Artists names Samples

Lover of Sin
Horny Beast

To call Lover of Sin a HEAVY METAL BAND is not really giving the project justice. But this track is definitelty METAL.
GUEST DRUMS by George Kollias Available on AMAZON and iTunes
Mistress of Heaven

Sudden Annihilation
Life in Chaos

This band from Holland in 2011 recorded drums over there and came here in February of 2012 to record guitars, bass, vocals, and mix/master the record at DOW. Great guitar performances on this one!

Slave of the Enemy

Christian Death
American Inquisition

Legendary Goth band Christian Death came here to DOW to write songs and do most of the recording for their 2007 release on Season of Mist records. Guest guitars by Punchy on this song. Available on iTUNES
Stop Bleeding on Me

Black Zodiac

Available worldwide June 2004

Sonic Wave International Records

This group featuring heavy female vocals is guranteed to melt the paint off of your house and the skin off of your skull.

Behind My Skin


This band is a mainstay in the Florida Music Scene. Formerly known as Last Sabbath, this group has been dominating the all clubs and band competitions. Look out Europe...here they come!

Vain of War

no album

cover available

Denial Fiend

Made up by members of Nasty Savage, Death, and Massacre. Self-Recorded at home by the band, these tracks were brought here for mixing and mastering. D.O.W. Studios can take your Pro Tools Sessions, Cubase, Sonar, or OMF standards and do the tweaking necessary to bring out your music.

Son of the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Lazarus Machine

Extreme punk/metal band from Tampa, FL. One of the hardest working bands in the area. If you have not seen the band live then you are missing out. Guaranteed to attack audience on sight. Lock down your children. And prepare for the end.


no cover

Last Sabbath

Great local modern-metal. If Europe ever got a hold of this....who knows what might happen. Singing drummer on this one.



These guys are already getting great press around the world. Hard hitting-modern metal with a twist of psycadelic coolness.

By the Hand

no cover

Torture Sermon

Experimental noize punk. This project was brought here on a four track cassette recorder. We used our technology here to lift the "best" frequencies to make it sound fat, heavy, and angry. EXPLICIT LYRICS (if you can understand them)

They are still noizin' it up in NYC with a new line-up...this track here is the old school stuff...but check out the T.S. official website for the new stuff.