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Bringing the small studio to the level of the large. Giving the sound of the big without the pressures. That is what D.O.W. Studios provides. From remixes of existing product to mobile live recording, D.O.W. is the studio for your needs.

All samples are 128 kb stereo mp3 files

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Karl Sanders

"Saurian Exorcisms"

Relapse Records 2004

The second release from Karl Sanders of Nile. This one is way more seductive.

The tracks were recorded in Karl's studio and then were mixed by Bob Moore in NC.

They were then brought here to be mastered at DOW. When listening to the sample, you will notice the volume and EQ changing. This is the difference PRE and POST mastering.

A Most Effective Exorcism Against Azathoth

Karl Sanders

"Saurian Meditaion"

Relapse Records 2004

The long awaited solo project of Karl Sanders (of the legendary Death Metal group and Relaspse Recording Artists Nile.

Most of these tracks were recorded at Karl's home studio...but some...like the opera vocals in this track were recorded here at D.O.W. All the mixing and mastering for this fabulous project were also handled here at D.O.W. Buy this album..great for relaxing and spending time with someone you like to be mellow with.

Temple Of Lunar Ascension

As Under

"Sonata Word" Available April 2004

Gothic meets soundtrack in this ethereal collection of darkness, sorrow, and beauty. This project was recorded at Jollywood Studios, TN and then mixed and mastered by Punchy.

D.O.W. studios also did the artwork and website for the band.

To be as None

no cover

42nd street Big Band
"In the Mood" Local release

This is a mobile recording DOW Studios was asked to do. It was tracked as one performance with no after performance overdubs. We did a 16 track mobile setup in a theater with live audience present. The tracks were then brought back here at DOW studios for mix and master.

In the Mood